Research Survey

If you have been directed to this site because of your association with any of the following organizations,
please follow the appropriate link below to participate in the Phase 1 survey.


Northern Theological Seminary

Western Theological Seminary

Evangelical Homiletics Society


(Survey Completed - Not Accepting Responses)

If you are not associated with any of the above organizations, there is still an opportunity to participate.  The research project is currently in the first of three phases, which involves a closed sample of a larger population attempting to determine the prevalence of collaboration among churches here in America by studying alumni communities from a number of theological schools and seminaries.  If you are a school considering participation in this research, you may preview the survey here:


Survey Preview for Schools Considering Participation

When this first phase of research is completed, phase 2 will offer a modified version of this same survey to any church that wishes to participate to tell us about their collaborative practices!  Watch this space, or check the blog from time to time to see how the research is progressing.  You can also use the Contact Form if you would like me to contact you when the Phase 2 survey goes live, if you'd like your church or your school to have a voice in this research.